“Miss Ripley” Lee Da Hae & Kim Seung Woo’s Hot Road Kiss

Lee Dae Hae and Kim Seung Woo shared a sizzling bold kiss on the road on the forth episode of “Miss Ripley” that was aired on the 7th. Jang Mi Ri (Lee Da Hae) stares at Chang Myung Hoon (Kim Seung Woo) for a while, who was contemplating on the road, and then walk toward him, giving him a back hug. After looking back and gazing at her face for a while, Myung Hoon holds on to her cheeks as he shares a hot kiss with her. The two characters, who have been experiencing subtle feelings for each other, kisses at last.

The kiss scene was shot at a road located in Pajoo in early June. During the shooting, it suddenly started raining, making the atmosphere of the set more romantic. It was later told that Kim Seung Woo, who seemed shy from the kiss scene, constantly laughed while asking “This is enough, right?” throughout the shooting and brightened up the set.

Meanwhile, “Miss Ripley” has been receiving the highest viewer ratings among Mon-Tues dramas for its first three episodes so far due to the fast paced storyline and the impressive performance of lead actors.