“Lie to Me” Kang Ji Hwan Dumps Jo Yoon Hee and Returns to Yoon Eun Hye

On yesterday’s episode of SBS’s “Lie to Me,” Hyun Ki Joon (Kang Ji Hwan) officially broke up with Oh Yoon Joo (Jo Yoon Hee). Ki Joon also made it clear to Yoon Joo that he was truly in love with Gong Ah Jung (Yoon Eun Hye).

Yoon Joo was left in utter shock. She drank excessively but wasn’t able to wake up the next morning. She was carried to the hospital in unconscious state; however, Ki Joon did not come over to see her as his always cared about Gong Ah Jung.

In order to protect his love with Gong Ah Jung, he confessed to his Chinese investor CEO Chun, “My marriage with Gong Ah Jung was fake.” He wanted to start a true relationship with her from scratch. CEO Chun called off his initial plan of investing in Ki Joon’s World Hotel.

Yoon Joo’s father was a member of the National Assembly. CEO Hyun Myung Jin (Oh Mi Hee) urged Ki Joon to get back together with Yoon Joo since it would benefit his business. However, it was too late as Ki Joon had already turned away from Yoon Joo.

While Hyun Myung Jin arranged a meeting for Ki Joon and Yoon Joo’s family, Ki Joon did not show up. Instead he went over to see Gong Ah Jung. The two confirmed their love as they hugged each other.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Lie to Me’s” viewer ratings dropped to a disappointing 9.4% on Thursday, according to statistics by AGB Nielsen Media Research. Meanwhile, MBC’s “Miss Ripley” and KBS’s “Baby-Faced Beauty” which are aired during the same time slot received 12.7% and 15.8%, respectively.