On June 16th, a representative of the production company behind the popular “High Kick” series stated, “We are currently talking with f(x)’s Krystal and her agency about joining ‘High Kick S3.’ Everything is going well, and there is a high chance that she will be onboard the project.”

On June 17th, SM Entertainment replied, “It is true that we’re considering the project. However, nothing has been decided yet.” Krystal has shown her ability to cross over to acting with last year’s sitcom “More Charming by the Day.” Currently, the production company is also meeting with “The Greatest Love’sYoon Gye Sang in hopes to add him to the sitcom.

Meanwhile, Krystal is busy promoting f(x)’s recently released repakaged album “Hot Summer.” The popular “High Kick” series have launched the careers of its young stars from its first two seasons, and they include “49 DaysJung Il Woo, “Boys Before FlowersKim Bum, “City Hunter’sPark Min Young, “Baker King Kim Tak Goo’sYoon Shi Yoon, “Emergency: Close to the Sun’s”  Shin Se Kyung, “Can You Hear My Heart’sHwang Jung Eum, and “Baby-Faced Beauty’sDaniel Choi.