100 Stars Define the Arts for InStyle

InStyle will be staggering the release of its pictorial, “Star Craft, the 100,” through their website over the next few weeks. The pictorial celebrates the magazine’s 100th issue, which will be released in July.

100 stars took part in the photo shoot, which included famous actors and actresses, as well as music groups and singers. Kim Tae Hee, Won Bin, DBSK, f(x), Song Seung Hun, and Lee Min Ho, were included, as well as many others.

The name, “Star Craft, the 100” comes from the words “star,” and “arts and crafts;” providing the theme of many of the photos which were creative and took a modern art spin.

A stamp was created in Won Bin’s image, while Goo Hara looked like a Victorian doll against a bright red background. Actress Kim Hee Sun had a duel role in her photo, where she dressed as both Snow White, and the evil stepmother.

During their interviews, the featured stars answered many questions regarding the arts, as well as providing a glimpse into their personal hobbies, work life, and unique quirks.

Source and Photos: Nate News, Instyle Magazine