Sandara Park "We Were Scared of Each Others’ Makeup from ‘I’m the Best’ MV"

Sandara Park revealed that the 2NE1 members were scared of each others’ makeup during the “I’m the Best” MV shooting! Today, Sandara posted on her me2day a photo, along with the message “’I’m the Best’ MV Release! Did all of you guys see it?!”

In the photo, Sandara is sporting a funky plastic toy hat with huge horns sticking out from each side. With a cute yet threatening face, mouth wide open, the playful star is holding on to each horn. She added, “We were also scared of each other in the last scene. All of us were saying that we each looked so so scary… while there isn’t much difference among all four of us. Lol!” The last scene in the MV is quite eye-catching as each of the four members leaves a strong impression with their funky hairstyles and unique makeup styles.

Netizens commented “You guys weren’t scary at all but cute instead!”, “Sandara you’re so beautiful!”, “You’re always pretty.” Meanwhile, 2NE1 is enjoying explosive popularity with their latest new title track “I’m the Best,” which was released on the 24th.