Shin Dong Yup to Appear on a Sitcom on the General Program Channel MBN

First of all before I begin, let me give a short explanation of what the General Program Channels are.

The General Program Channels are a group of recently created TV Cable channels following a revision of the Television and Newspaper laws that passed through the National Assembly.

What this did was to allow the creation of a new set of TV Cable Channels that are allowed to air any variety of content they want. Previously Cable Broadcasters were only allowed to air content relating to just one field (e.g. Mnet is only allowed to air Music related content while MBC Every1 is only allowed to air Variety Shows). 

The new General Program Channels are permitted to air whatever content they like as long as it is legal, so they are allowed to air dramas, news, variety shows, sports, etc from their single channels.

In simpler terms, think of the new General Program Channels being a cable version of the current three main terrestrial broadcasters (KBS, MBC, SBS)

Most of these new General Program Channels are owned by major newspapers, which is why a revision to the Newspaper laws were also required.

The new set of General Program Channels are jTBC, CSTV, Channel A and MBN.

Some of these may be recognisable to some readers, as these channels have been responsible for the recent exodus of PDs and production staff from the three Terrestrial Broadcasters, such as the PDs from “1 Night 2 Day,” “Gag Concert,” and “Golden Fishery.”

They were also rumoured to be the ones scouting Kang Ho Dong after “1 Night 2 Days” ends but that is still unconfirmed information.

Now to the actual news article.

MC Shin Dong Yup, who some might recognize as the current MC for “Immortal Song 2” has been confirmed to be moving to one of the General Program Channels and is one of the first major MCs to make the move.

According to a press release by MBN “Shin Dong Yup has decided to appear on the daily Sitcom ‘Vampire Idol’ on the General Program Channel Everyday Broadcasts MBN, which is expected to start operations before the end of the year”

MBN has also stated that “MBN is also currently pushing ahead with plans to get him to appear as the main solo MC for a variety program currently in planning.”

The sitcom “Vampire Idol” will be a 120 episode sitcom with each episode being 30 mins long. It is a youth melositcom involving a prince coming to Earth from the Vampire Planet, and his struggles to become an Idol. 

A person associated with the producers of the Sitcom IHQ stated that “Shin Dong Yup is peerless in terms of Sitcom acting and Solo MCing” and also stated that “He will reaffirm his position as the King of Variety Shows by appearing on MBN”

They also revealed that “Besides Shin Dong Yup, the castings for the sitcom will be completed soon and is expected to enter production sometime in September. Also for the other lead parts, we plan to cast idols that have a large international fan base”

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