New Albums and Singles Preview – 2011 September Week 2

Sung Shi Kyung Vol. 7 – First Time (Sept. 15)

01 First Time
02 Able to Sing
03 The Day You Blew
04 I Like
05 We Were So Good (Duet With Park Jung Hyun)
06 Not It
07 Solar System
08 Oh My Goddess
09 Thank You
10 At the End
11 It’s You (Duet With IU) (Bonus Track)
12 You Are My Spring (Bonus Track)

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Sung Shi Kyung returns with his seventh album after three years. Top composers such as Yoon Sang, Hwang Se Jun, and Kang Seung Won took part in this album. The album begins with “First Time” and continues on with “I Like”, the title track of the album. The latter song is expected to showcase the artist’s voice and his own unique style.


JYJ (single) – Get Out (Released)

01 Get Out

JYJ, who is expected to release its first Korean album pre-releases “Get Out”, a high tempo dance number composed and penned by Jaejoong and Yoochun. The song has a very dynamic beat and makes use of synthesizers. The song is about the awkward feelings between love and friendship.


Zi-A – (single) – Wish It Was You (Released)

01 Wish It Was You (feat. K.Will)
02 Write Love
03 Wish It Was You (INST)

OST queen Zi-A returns with a new single, “Wish It Was You” before the release of her upcoming full-length album at the end of this month. The title track is of the same title and was composed by the famous Minuki who has written hits after hits for various artists from the likes of Eru, Brown Eyed Girls, Seeya, and Park Myung Soo. This duet number featuring K.Will is about a broken up couple and the hardships and pain the woman feels through this ordeal. Also included in this single is “Write Love”, a medium-tempo number featuring Mir of MBLAQ.


Monday Kiz: Nostalgia, Pt. 3 (single) (Released)

01 The Time When I First Met You
02 The Time When I First Met You INST

Monday Kiz member, Han Seung Hee remakes Park Jun Ha’s song, “The Time When I First Met You” which was popular in the 90’s. This will be one of the many songs in the Nostalgia album which will consist of some of the members’ favorite 90’s hits. Composer SUN and AD re-arranged this song to give it a different feel.

Other Releases:
Jung Gi Go – Blind (Sept. 14)
Purple Sweet – A Delight Travel (Sept. 15)
Kim Mok Kyung – Smoking Blue Guns (Sept. 15)
Haha – Quan Ninomarley aka Haha Reggae Wave: Rosa (Sept.15)
Patients – Vol. 1 Kitsch Space (Sept. 15)
Shin Ga Ram – Became An Adult (Sept. 15)
Park Gang Sung – Best & Live (Sept. 15)
Milk Tea – Vol. 2 Love Traveller (Sept. 15)
Yaya – Vol. 1 Circus (Sept. 15)

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