Which Korean Star Has the Best Side Profile?

(above) Yoo Dong Woo, 9-year-old son of celebrity couple Hong Eun Hee and Yoo Joon Sang

To be a star, it’s most important to look good – whether it’s your body, hairstyle or facial features. The facial feature that attracts the most attention is the nose. A good-looking, sharp nose defines the face and can be considered to be the most important feature.

For a better assessment of our K-Pop stars’ facial features, local media Dispatch has put together a massive amount of celebrity side profiles on their website. As far as we can tell, there’s no one who totally stands out since they all have perfectly good looking features! Which celebrity do you think has the best side profile?

Check it out below!

Park Yoo Chun


Han Chae Young


Go Soo


Go Joon Hee


Lee Yeon Hee


Shin Se Kyung


Yoon Mi Rae


Kim Hee Ae


Seo Hyo Rim




Hong Soo Ah


Cha Ye Ryun


Wang Bit Na


Jung Yoo Mi


Gong Yoo


Seo Ji Hye


Han Go Eun


Ryu Shi Won, Han Go Eun


Baek Ji Young


Goo Hye Sun


Ki Eun Sae


Yoo Seung Ho


Kim Ha Neul


Kim Min Hee


Jin Gu


Hwang Jung Min


Lee Seung Gi


Lee Seon Gyun


Nam Gyu Ri


Jang Hee Jin


Lee Jin Wook


Han Ye Seul


So Yi Hyun


Park Shin Hye


Park Min Young


Moon Chae Won


Goo Hara


Kang Ji Young

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