‎[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday – Immortal Song 2 and Secret" – Oct. 8 Episode

Immortal Songs 2 – Song Writer Special Part Two, Genius Song Writer Kim Hyung Suk!

The hit song creator that has played a leading role in mainstream Korean pop music!
Lim Chang Jung, Sung Si Kyung, Solid, Park Jung Hyun, Kim Gun Mo, Park Jin Young etc, The genius song writer that has given birth to some of the greatest signers, Song Writer Kim Hyung Suk! The songwriter special part two will be held with his main songs!

  • Lovely boy Nam Woo Hyun’s gentle and sweet love confession! “I will send you a letter (편지할게요)
  • The voice that really suits the deepening autumn season! Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung’s moody performance! “Grab the edge of this night (이 밤의 끝을 잡고)
  • The talented female diva that has newly joined the program, Lim Jung Hee! Her polished R&B version of “Once again at that time (그때 또 다시)
  • Hong Kyung Min’s passionate performance that fired up the audience! A completely new feeling version of “First Impressions (첫인상)
  • This time it’s Janet Jackson! The master of transformations shows off her extraordinary dancing and rap, Ali’s “Na Na Na (나나나)”

Huh Gak Vs Shin Yong Jae, Their fiercely contested rivals match!

  • His voice is a national treasure! Huh Gak’s “The road to me (내게 오는 길)”
  • The pride of the Shin family! Emotional Voice! Shin Yong Jae’s “Because of love (사랑이라는 이유로)”

The fierce competition pitting seven talented vocalists against each other, who will end up being the final victor?

This week’s special SECRET ◆

Rainbow’s Kim Jae Kyung, Go Woori, Oh Seung Ah, Jo Hyun Young, Comedians Huh Kyung Hwan, Hwang Hyun Hee, Park Yong Jin, Yang Sang Guk and Yang Bae Chu

The group with the seven different coloured charms, Rainbow! And the nation’s representative comedians that possess the greatest wits! The good looking men and girls have met inside the cage!

The secret dance survival with MC Boom. Jae Kyung’s Sexy Dance Triple Combo! Hip Dance, Shakes and the floor dance?! Unpredictable Hyun Young’s 21st century shake dance lesson! What are the secrets that the Secret Dance King and Queen want to see? And the special and private secret parade that allows us to find out about stars’ true nature!

▶ Jae Kyung’s technique of seducing people has been figured out?!

Monday Kiz’s Lim Han Byul, who in the past had spent his trainee days with Jae Kyung, reveals her secrets!
“I had confessed to Jae Kyung but got rejected”
Monday Kiz’s Lim Han Byul had spent his difficult trainee days with Jae Kyung. He started to like Jae Kyung, and the way that Jae Kyung looked at him made him think that “She probably has the same feelings as me” so Lim Han Byul decided to confess to her! 

However! Contrary to what he thought, Jae Kyung answers back and tells him that she wants to remain just friends. The next day, Lim Han Byul comes across a shocking scene! What was this scene? And he can now reveal this! What is the bitter comment that Lim Han Byul said to Jae Kyung? The seduction techniques of the relationship experts that caused Rainbow and the male comedians’ hearts to flutter! All of this will be revealed on Secret!

The Hallyu Star that confessed to Jae Kyung, Is it really Jang Geun Suk? 

On the episode of Secret that aired in August, Jae Kyung had her secret revealed, that she got a confession from a Hallyu Star! After the episode aired, there was a myriad of rumours and stories asking if this Hallyu Star isn’t Jang Geun Suk however the truth was still a mystery! Jae Kyung has come out on Secret once again and she is finally going to talk about this “person”?! The Hallyu Star that confessed to Jae Kyung, who was it?!

Hwang Hyun Hee, the uncomfortable truth of a tight-fisted person!

Hwang Hyun Hee’s best friend and comedian, Kim Dae Bum reveals Hwang Hyun Hee’s secret! 
“Hwang Hyun Hee, He is tight-fisted and he discriminates against other people!”
Kim Dae Bum had provided a lot of assistance to comedian Hwang Hyun Hee! However one day, Hwang Hyun Hee goes on the KBS quiz program “1 Vs 100” and wins the prize! 

However! He only bought meals for people that were doing well, like announcer Jun Hyun Moo! The upset Kim Dae Bum asks him to buy the meal but Hwang Hyun Hee says something shocking to him! What was the comment that Hwang Hyun Hee said that caused everyone in the studio to fall into shock??

Everything about Hwang Hyun Hee’s uncomfortable truth will be revealed on Secret, along with secrets about Rainbow, Park Yong Jin, Yang Sang Guk and Yang Bae Chu!

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