‎[Preview] KBS "Freedom Declaration Saturday - Immortal Song 2 and Secret" - Oct. 29 Episode

Immortal Songs Two – The 13th Legend, the icon of Korean Rock, Song Gol Mae.

The icon of Korean rock, “Song Gol Mae.” For the first time in 27 years, Bae Chul Soo and Goo Chang Mo have gathered again under the name of “Song Gol Mae,” and the competition will be held using their hit songs.

Performers this week: Ali, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, Huh Gak, 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae, Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun, Lim Jung Hee and F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki

  • Special Appearance from the talent band idol group, F.T. Island. The F.T Island members and Lee Hong Ki will pour all their energy into this performance, F.T. Island’s “I’ll love everyone. (모두 다 사랑하리)”
  • This time it’s rock. The brilliant vocalist Shin Yong Jae’s radical new transformation as he transform into a powerful rocker alongside an impressive keyboard performance. 4Men Shin Yong Jae’s “To the baby. (아가에게)”
  • The R&B performance that feels like an autumn night. The soulful performance with rapper P-Type, Ali’s “I have lived my life without knowing about the world. (세상 모르고 살았노라)”
  • He passionately performs towards his first victory, the amazing elaborate performance that keeps your eyes glued to the stage. Infinite Nam Woo Hyun’s “A chance encounter (어쩌다 마주친 그대)”
  • She goes from being an unlucky lady to being a lady of mystery. Her colourful transform as she demonstrates her head banging and transforms into an impressive female rocker, Lim Jung Hee’s “Gather(모여라)”
  • A shocking transforming, Huh Gak shows off his B-Boy dancing skills and gets reborn as the king of dancing, Huh Gak’s exciting performance of “Everything around the world (세상만사)”
  • Even the legends were surprised by her cute, shocking performance and charming voice. The lovely Davichi Kang Min Kyung’s reggae funk rock version of “The moment I first saw you (처음 본 순간)”

The breathtakingly close competition, who will take the winner’s trophy?

 This week’s special SECRET
Brown Eyed Girls Gain, Narsha, Jea, Miryo, Kim Jong Min, Mighty Mouth, Huh Kyung Hwan, Yang Bae Chu 
The good looking men and girls have met inside the cage. The special and private secret parade that allows us to find out about stars’ true nature.  

Jo Kwon asks Gain! “What was the reason for getting so many NGs during her kiss scene with BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon”

Jo Kwon and Gain were in a make believe marriage for a very long time and while working with her on a sitcom, Jo Kwon noticed something questionable.

“Gain is a devious girl that keeps making NGs?”

Gain, Jo Kwon, Yoon Seung Ah and Yoon Doo Joon were all in a sitcom together. During her fight scene with Yoon Seung Ah, she grabbed her hair, sprayed water at her etc and showed off some impressive and passionate acting however during her kiss scene with BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon, Gain suddenly started to get numerous NGs? What was Gain really thinking about during all of this?


Adult Idol Narsha, she is actually quite childlike?

A close friend of Narsha reveals her hidden secret.

“Narsha, someone scammed her?”

One day, Narsha friend got a urgent request from Narsha, asking if she could borrow some money, so she quickly went to where Narsha was to see what had happened. When she arrives, she spots Narsha staring at the wall in an agitated state. She finds out that Narsha got picked up by some good looking men and went for a drink. While she went to the toilet, the men had run away and left the tab for her to pay. She can now reveal it, it’s now been 10 years since then, what is the one comment that Narsha’s friend wants to say to her?


Best Friend Kim Jong Gook reveals Sang Chu’s secret! 

Sang Chu and Kim Jong Gook are already famous amongst celebrities for being best friends. Jong Gook finally opens his mouth.

“Sang Chu is a broker”

Sang Chu is famous amongst celebrities for having a lot of connections. From Dermatologists to Dentist, there is no one that he doesn’t know. This causes Kim Jong Gook to become suspicious. He thinks that Sang Chu receives a benefit for introducing people to good businesses? Car Dealers, Fitness Clubs, Orthopaedics Surgeons and even rhinoplasty surgeons! Sang Chu’s level of connections has no bounds and also what is the truth behind the claims that he gets benefits?


Jea, her fatal secret

A lyricist that is close with Jea reveals a secret that could cause social shockwaves.

“Jea is a Gambler?”

Jea is addicted to gambling? She is currently completely absorbed in board games and the traditional Korean game called “Yut” Doing wagers with meat is standard and she was even seen grabbing the yuts as soon as she got up in the morning to test her fortunes for that day? Also what was the reason for Jea getting absolutely scolded during the recording of “Sign” and what is the reason behind her friends preventing Jea from going to the U.S.?


Miryo, What is her secret?

Honey Family member Jura reveal’s Miryo’s embarrassing secret

“The secret behind her double eye lids, I will reveal it today!”

When Miryo used to be a member of Honey Family, she was talking with another member Myung Ho in the recording room and Jura hears a comment coming out from the recording room, “Take it off~ See it’s much better when you take it off.” Jura runs inside the recording room in surprises and sees what’s happening inside, what was happening inside that recording studio? And Miryo personally reveals a secret about her eyes

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