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Immortal Song 2 – The 14th Legend! The original national fairy Hae Eunee

The 14th Legend. The original national fairy Hae Eunee. The Seven talented vocalists attempt to sing Hae Eunee’s popular songs, who was the most popular singer of the 70’s and 80’s

  • 4Men’s Shin Yong Jae turns into a moody jazz gentlemen. It feels like a cool breeze from the seas surrounding Jeju Island, Shin Yong Jae’s jazz version “Where are you going(감수광)
  • The lonely autumn guy, Huh Gak. He sings about the pains of breaking up with his sad and powerful voice. Huh Gak’s “The 3rd Han River Bridge(제3한강교)”
  • The master of transformation Ali. This week it’s shuffle dancing, let’s all go see her fun and cheerful performance. The song has been reborn with electronic sounds, Ali’s “Dawn Rain(새벽비)”
  • She has conquest dance, ballad, rock and now Lim Jung Hee is going to conquest jazz as well. She has transformed into a sexy jazz singer, Lim Jung Hee’s “I really really like you(진짜 진짜 좋아해)”
  • He has won over everyone his stage manners; Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun has seized the stage with his explosive singing skills. Nam Woo Hyun’s “Passion(열정)”
  • Singer Hong Kyung Min is even more glorious on stage. He has maximized the sadness of the song with a saxophone performance, Hong Kyung Min’s “The rain is(비가)”
  • Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung sings with the emotions of a young girl and her clear and ringing voice. Kang Min Kyung’s sad ballad “You probably don’t know(당신은 모르실거야)”

The impressive performances has moved the legend Hae Eunee and the Immortal Song judges. The behind the scenes story of the nervous performances will be revealed.


 This week’s special SECRET 
Brown Eyed Girls Gain, Narsha, Jea, Miryo, Kim Jong Min, Mighty Mouth, Huh Kyung Hwan, Yang Bae Chu 
The good looking men and girls have met inside the cage. The special and private secret parade that allows us to find out about stars’ true nature. Who will be the best man and woman of Secret?

Gain, her ex-husband accuses her.

You cannot talk about Gain without talking about him, Jo Kwon. He reveals Gain’s Secret.
“Gain, she is a picky lady!”
Gain’s stubbornness means that she won’t drink any old water. She is a picky lady that will only drink water that smells of coffee and is sold in department stores, but that’s not the only thing. Her manager is always on standby with coffee and serves Gain coffee every time she calls for him. Gain’s hidden nature will be revealed on Secret


Jea, she is dirty?

Jea’s senior from school reveals the secret that she wants to hide.
“Jea, they are 100% certain of this on the days that she is wearing a hat”
Brown Eyed Girls’ weird lady Jea, she has a fatal secret and that is that Jea is dirty. When she was in school, she wouldn’t wash up often and she wouldn’t even wash her hair for several days. What was the dirty Jea’s bizarre habit that causes the studio fall into shock? Jea’s extremely funny secret, which no one would have imagined up until now, will be revealed!


Shorry J, he is actually a picky guy once you get to know him?

Shorry J’s long-time friend Actor Oh Chang Suk reveals his secret. Oh Chang Suk goes clothes shopping one day with Shorry J and he ended up having a difficult day.
“Shorry J, he spends an eternity agonizing about choosing clothes.”
Even when he is picking just one piece of clothing, he would constantly try it on and take it off and repeat this at least 30 to 40 times. Eventually Shorry J leaves the store empty handed. Afterwards, Shorry J does something that completely shocks Oh Chang Suk, what did Shorry J do?


Miryo, her fatal secret

A close friend of Miryo, Clover’s Typhoon reveals Miryo’s secret.
“Miryo is lacking in social skills”
Miryo has a very strong sense of individuality and lives in her own little world, because of this she is lacking in social skills and audacity? Miryo pays no attention to location or situation and says things that don’t suit the situation without any hesitation. She was visiting the funeral for a close friend’s father and tried to say a word of encouragement to them. However instead of saying “cheer up,” Miryo says something completely absurd, what did she say?

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