"Padam Padam" Stars Hold Surprise Party for Han Ji Min

On November 4, the cast of jTBC‘s special drama “Padam Padam” held a surprise birthday party for main female lead Han Ji Min.

Actors Jung Woo Sung (“Athena: Goddess of War”) and Kim Bum (“Boys Before Flowers”) prepared a thoughtful care package box full of vitamins, heating pads and hot packs for their co-star. Kim Bum even wrote a handwritten letter for her, revealing his soft side.

Having been completely surprised, Han Ji Min was overjoyed. With a birthday cone on her head and cream smeared on her cheeks, she smiled at the camera. Jung Woo Sung looked like he was having fun as well, especially with his goofy facial expressions, and heartthrob Kim Bum looked as adorable as ever with a furry animal hat.

Han Ji Min said, “I was not expecting this at all; it took me completely by surprise! It’s been so long since I’ve celebrated my birthday on set so I was more grateful. I feel like I can work even harder now.”

“Padam Padam” is the story of a man and woman who fall in love after meeting by chance. The first episode airs on Dec. 5 so stay tuned!