[Tweets] Lee Teuk, Sung Min, Kyu Hyun’s Mothers to Open Coffee Shop, Junsu at a Sauna, Bom and Dara with Nephew

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“On December 22, my mom, Sung Min’s mother, and Kyu Hyun’s mother will open a new coffee shop together. Only I was not aware of it. It’s in Apkujung…Mom, you’ve been alone for a long time, but now just enjoy your work^^I’ll try to help a lot too^^” – Lee Teuk’s mother, Sung Min’s mother, and Kyu Hyun’s mother will open a new coffee shop together this week. Make sure you visit the place!


“With my cool BEAST brothers. Ki Kwang did a really good job even with his leg injury. Hope you get better and the BEAST brothers did really, really great too.- During ‘My Princess’ concert in Japan.” – Song Seung Hun snaps a photo with BEAST in Japan.

“I’m going to pass out…………..T.T” – JYJ’s Junsu’s having a good time at a spa!

“Aunt Dara showed up at my nephew’s birthday party today. She brought so many gifts. He looks just like me when I was a kid. But it took us 30 minutes to take this photo.” – Park Bom’s lucky nephew gets to take a birthday photo with Dara and Bom. Sometimes it’s good to be a kid!

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