"Dream High 2" Episode 2 Preview

Check out the preview for tonight’s episode below!



JB: We’re transferring to Kirin Arts High School? All of us [from Oz Entertainment]?

Principal Joo Jung Wan: Whoa~ Looks like Oz Entertainment really is a big shot

CEO Lee Kang Chul: You’ll follow my rules? [more of a statement rather than a question]

Park Hong Joo: Why are there so many rules?

Shin Hye Sung: I’m going to follow every single one of them

Hyun Ji Soo: The studio is now your school, and your housing will now be at the school’s dorms

Ahn Tae Yeon: We’re short on rooms, so..students with low grades have been outed from the dorms…

Shin Hye Sung: Bastard!! Ahhhhh!

CEO Lee Kang Chul: The room was open…huh?…

Jin Yoo Jin: I really didn’t touch anything

Principal Joo Jung Wan: Is something wrong?

Si Woo: I thought this was my grave…

Hyun Ji Soo: You’re distracting the class. Get out!

Jin Yoo Jin: Must we all really dance in order to be a singer?

Jin Yoo Jin: Stop showing off and get out of my face

KBS’s “Dream High 2” recorded 10.5% (AGB Nielsen) ratings for its first episode. MBC’s “Light and Shadow” and SBS’s “Salaryman Chohanji” recorded 16.3% and 13.7% respectively. KBS will air the second episode of “Dream High 2” tonight, January 31, at 9:55PM KST.