SNSD’s Sunny, IU, Rainbow, and Sunny Hill to Join SBS MTV “Music Island”

SBS MTV’s “Music Island” has added SNSD’s Sunny, IU, Rainbow, and Sunny Hill to its already star-studded main cast!

SNSD’s Sunny will be the main MC of the show, making it her first solo live show host experience. IU, Rainbow, and Sunny Hill will join MBLAQ, Block-B, B.A.P, and Jung Yeop as the main performing guests for the first recording of the highly-anticipated “live talk” music show.

SBS MTV’s “Music Island” is a live music show that will feature both live performances and talk sessions with some of the hottest musicians in the industry. Each week, it will have one main guest, who will run the majority of the show, with several guest artists performing in support of the main artist. SNSD’s Sunny will be the regular host of the show every week.

The first episode will air on February 24 at 8PM KST. The hour-long show will also be broadcast throughout Asia using MTV’s extensive network around the region. The actual recording of the show will take place at the beautiful island of Jeju. You can learn more about the show at our special page here or SBS MTV’s program page here!