2NE1’s Dara Turns into "Rider Dara"

2NE1‘s Sandara Park has been spotted having a good time riding an arcade motorcycle.

On February 1, Sandara posted on her me2day, “Hey! Climb on! Rider Dara having a fun time with the girls in Manila! It only takes three hours and ten minutes to travel from Seoul to Manila. Technically it sounds really close, but it’s difficult to take the time to travel to Manila whenever I miss it! The girls are having a fun time taking pictures of each other. They’ll probably be posted soon.” 

Along with her message was a picture of her sporting a cute “apple” hairstyle, sitting on top of an arcade motorcycle. Her pose and gesture while sitting on the motorcycle suggest the viewer get on with her. 

Netizens have responded, “I bet that’s a lot of fun,” “Go! Go!” “Wow, I love those red pants,” “Can’t wait for the other pictures.” 

On another note, 2NE1 departed from Korea to start activities in the Philippines on February 1.