KBS "Music Bank" – Feb. 24, 2012

“Know Your Name” from Jay Park is the K-Chart winner for this week. The battle was between Jay Park and FT Island (for “Severely”) on the last KBS “Music Bank” show of February.

The sexy quartet of miss A continues comeback activities with a performance on the “Music Bank” stage. Jia, Fei, Min and Suzy bring on their “Touch” to this Friday night’s show. Brave Girls show a new side with their comeback performance. “Super Star K 2” graduate John Park debuts on the program with his fresh release “Falling.”

“Music Bank” performances for the night are from FT Island, miss A, K.Will, Teen Top, Davichi, Jay Park, Brian Joo, Dal Shabet, Sunny Hill, John Park, Chocolat, LED Apple, B.A.P, Jiggy Dogg, Brave Girls, Wink, Stellar, X-5, SPEED, WE, Chaos, SPICA and Ailee.


Jay Park, “Know Your Name”

FT Island, “Severely”

miss A, “Over U + Touch”

John Park, “Falling”

Teen Top, “Crazy” (Remix)

K.Will, “I Need You”

Davichi, “I Will Be Missing You”

Dal Shabet, “Hit U”

Chocolat (featuring Jay Park), “Same Thing to Her”

B.A.P, “Warrior”

Stellar, “UFO”

SPICA, “Russian Roulette”

Sunny Hill, “The Grasshopper Song”

X-5, “Going Crazy”

Brian Joo (with Tiger JK), “Let This Die”

Ailee, “Heaven”

Backstage with miss A and John Park


Video credit: shu35151224 @YT

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