Kim Soo Hyun in a "Silk Kiss" Ad

Kim Soo Hyun gathered attention with his “silk kiss” advertisement. Pigeon, a fabric softener company, selected Kim Soo Hyun as the first male model to celebrate its 35 years of history.

The ad’s concept shows Kim Soo Hyun as a man who protects a woman. Kim Soo Hyun acted out a scene of enjoying a pleasant day on the beach with the model Kim Soo Yeon. The ad sensuously expresses two models feeling love through the fabric softener’s scent.

Also, through their hugging scene and “silk kiss,” the ad tried to visually emphasize the softness of the product itself.

Pigeon marketing employee explained why the company chose Kim Soo Hyun as their model, “He is well-liked by many women of different age groups, and we thought he could represent Pigeon’s freshness and softness well.”