“Invincible Youth 2” Criticized Again For Harsh Penalties

KBS 2TV variety program “Invincible Youth 2” is swept with controversy once again.

On the May 26 broadcast, guests had to pick the correct pot out of many that contained food and penalties. The controversy began when the penalties included slightly sadistic measures– from being tapped harshly with plastic hammers to being sprinkled with water and salt directly at their eyes. It is contested that celebrities were put in rather dangerous situations.

In this episode, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and Boom received the salt punishment, and Park Sang Myun and Kim Shin Young were serenaded with bucketfuls of water.

Netizens cringed from the severity of the punishment: “Those penalties are definitely debatable,” “Seriously sadistic,” “My eyes shrink at the sight, not because it all looks fun.”