Kim Bum Makes Cover of Chinese Magazine “Men’s Uno”

Kim Bum made the cover of the June edition of the Chinese magazine “Men’s Uno.” Kim Bum showed off the manly charm of Hallyu. “Men’s Uno” gets distributed to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. His photoshoot spread across 4 pages.

In the pictures that were revealed, Kim Bum gives off a macho 80s feel. At the same time however, he still manages to look very modern.

Jason Chang who is the CEO of HS Media stated, “Kim Bum’s can appeal in China because of his visuals. He is a blue chip in the Chinese fashion and advertisement world. Because he is so appealing, we decided to have his photoshoot in “Men’s Uno.”

Mr. Chang continued, “Kim Bum’s position as an actor is being strengthened. He is an actor that has captivated audiences at the age of 23 because of his worth ethic and competitiveness. He is an actor that you should keep watching.”