Celebrity Candid Moments In K-Pop This Week!

It was another fun week with celebrities capturing moments of everyday life and sharing them on social media!

Secret’s Hyosung expressed her fan love through an artistic photo, while  Super Junior’s Leeteuk gave a sneak peek into his naked back! Also, G-Dragon was at the center of another controversy for playing with money, JYP took a shot with a world-renowned designer, and  BoA showed her playful side in the waiting room!

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“Hmm hmm, appearance of Goo Jae Hee! Did you watch episode 1? Please watch tomorrow’s show too!” – f(x)’s Sulli reveals a selca from the set of the new drama “To the Beautiful You.”

“That one day when we were busy preparing for our concert…We went to the gymnasium without makras [referring to the maknaes of the group, CL and Minzy] to practice for our individual stages when!!! We found Peull-Ddon-Go’s roller coaster!!! Got on before Chaerin and Mingkki [CL and Minzy]!! We even tried to do their doll-like pose!  Of course~ Unras [referring to unnies of the group,Sandara and Park Bom] are funnier!  We  can dance the Peull-Ddon-Go dance really well too~” – 2NE1’s Dara shares a silly photo of herself with Park Bom!

“I’m having a wonderful day thanks to everyone’s well-wishes. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I laughed so much at Ricky’s frosting hair. In order to return all your love and support, I will always strive to work hard. Please look forward to it.” – Teen Top’s Niel celebrates his 18th birthday with fellow members!

“$$$$$ Money flower is blooming.” – G-Dragon’s origami flower made out of 50,000 won and 10,000 won bills stirs controversy!

“Finally my first step. Nervous and excited. I’m Kang Tae Joon from today.” – SHINee’s Minho shares a selca in a school uniform!

“It’s a bit overdue, but this is a gift >_< Super Star Secret Time *_* My heart. This is a forced gift again kekeke If you reject it, I’ll kick you with my feet kekekeke” – Secret’s Hyosung expresses her true feelings in an artistic photo!

“August 12, 2012. I spent such a happy and thankful birthday~ I really want to thank my grandmother, parents, my other half Jin Young unnie, our always striving Chi Soon oppa, my fellow f(x) members and friends who I will always be together; and my fans who always show me so much love. I love you.” – f(x)’s Luna celebrates her birthday with her close friends and family!

“Betsey Johnson’s b-day party at our restaurant Kristalbelli. Wearing my present Diamond Tears on her neck. So sweet :)” – Park Jin Young snaps a friendly picture with American designer Betsey Johnson at his own restaurant in NYC!

“Taengoo and me after a long time. We discussed things from 8 years ago to today among others…How interesting!” – MBLAQ’s G.O. and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon reunite and show their close friendship!

“Clothes with back wide open. You didn’t know? I’m going to delete this so take a look fast.” – Super Junior’s Leeteuk reveals his sexy backside!

“I came up with this Hwang Jin Yi style to show off Korea’s beauty to all the international fans. Hairpin Dara! Unfortunately, I was only able to do this hair twice during the ‘I Love You’ promotions because I had to go with the half-shaved style. So sad…but Hairpin Dara is so cute. I couldn’t even take a single picture. My selca skills have diminished.. oh my god.” – 2NE1’s Dara updates her fans with her “Joseon Dynasty” hairstyle!

“Fourth day…I can see the top.” – G-Dragon gives a glimpse into his new style for his upcoming album!

“With baby YoonA. It’s raining so much.” – Super Junior’s Yesung and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA look dorky and cute together!

“Done with one meeting.” – Yoon Eun Hye shares a beautiful selca. See more selcas here!

“Playing dead at Music Bank’s waiting room. It is getting late. I’m tired.” – BoA has some fun backstage!

“Done with the press conference. I want to thank the reporters who came all the way here. It wasn’t hard to have a picture of the both of us right? I took it while walking in MBC’s hall.” – Haha and Byul takes a proof shot after the press conference revealing their marriage!

“We going to Manila. See u soon guys!! With Siwon.” – Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon on the plane to Manila!

“Our faces are all swollen from drinking wine last night in Macao. This is embarrassing but, here comes the selcas!” – 4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun and HyunA reveals pictures from Macao!

Se7en over Flowers.” – Se7en shares an “optical illusion” photo of him clad in flowers!

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