Celebrity Candid Moments In K-Pop This Week!

It was another fun week with celebrities capturing moments of everyday life and sharing them on social media!

miss A’s Suzy and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa celebrated their birthdays, while Boyfriend shared a group photo commemorating their 500 day anniversary! Also, make sure you check out Rainbow Jaekyung’s selca at an empty school, and Taecyeon’s group photo with a bunch of other top celebrities!

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“Thank you Hong Kong You guys make me go crazy!” – Super Junior’s Siwon paralyzes the streets of Hong Kong!


“I look 22, no? It’s a great new start! Feel like I could do anything!” – The “nation’s little sister” IU posts a selca looking slightly more mature!


“Dong Gun hyung invited to the premiere of ‘Dangerous Liaisons’~Hehe I’m looking forward to it~” – 2PM’s Taecyeon tweets a group photo with Jang Dong Gun, Junho, and Chansung at the premiere night of “Dangerous Liaisons.”


“Happy Happy…this is miss A! Thank you so much unnis! The surprise birthday party was very emotional. I should always have my birthday party when we get together.” – miss A’s Suzy shares a birthday celebration photo on October 11 with the rest of her miss A members.


“At the closing party following Ji Sub’s ‘Salary Man’~ With cool guys~haha” – Song Seung Hun shares a photo while drinking with So Ji Sub, MBLAQ’s G.O, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and ZE:A’s Dongjun.


“Our hyungs, fighting! ‘Catch Me’ is the best!!!” – SHINee’s Minho snaps a photo with the two DBSK members!


“Wow~This is why Twitter is awesome~!!! Keke Thank you everyone~~!! Thank you so, so much, to all the Secret fans and my fans >_< And also thank you to B.A.P dong saengs! BABYs, thank you too~!!!! Mom and dad, thank you for bringing me to this world~!! I love you all T.T.” – Secret’s Han Sun Hwa celebrates her 22nd birthday on October 11 with her Secret members and B.A.P members!


“Everyone~Did you get to see DBSK sunbaes’ comeback performance? Totally cool, right? Hehe, Congrats, congrats~~~” – f(x)’s Victoria shows her support for labelmate DBSK!


“Why was I the only one to not know there was no class today?” – Rainbow’s Jaekyung posts a photo at school after realizing class was cancelled!


“…well haters. Get a life, what you say isn’t hurting the ones your directing it to, its spitting on the face of the idols you do like.” – U-Kiss’s Eli warns the “haters” to stop “hatin’”


“I finally get to meet her! My heart jumped up to 100,000” – JYJ’s Jaejoong finally gets to meet his ideal type of woman, Kang Soo Yeon.


“Gaho, you’re too strong for your hyung now T.T.” – G-Dragon updates fans with a photo of his pet, Gaho!


“A picture from a couple of years ago…kekeke Doing this to get Changmin’s fans riled up kekeke” – Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals a photo of DBSK’s Changmin giving a peck on his cheek!


“I feel honored to throw the opening ceremonial pitch today!” – miss A’s Suzy shares a photo before going on the mound to throw the first pitch of the game!


“I stopped by ‘Inkigayo’~They were sharing the waiting room together, so we took a photo~keke” – 2PM’s Taecyeon and Chansung snap a photo with 15& and Baek Ah Yeon.


“It’s been 500 days since Boyfriend’s debut!!! We are glad to receive so much love from our Best Friends <3 Please look forward to Boyfriend’s comeback as chic men +_+!! Thank you! We always love you <3” – Boyfriend celebrates their 500th day anniversary with a cute group pic!


“This is the first time I cut my hair this short since debut. It’s not long nor short.” – Kara’s Goo Hara goes for a little change and departs with half of her hair!


“Sharon! How are you? I forgot how to play ‘Be Mine’….Can u teach me again?!?” – 2NE1’s Dara gets some guitar lessons from her teach Sharon Aguilar!


“I shouldn’t have eaten ramen noodles before going to bed…early morning in the train.” – Park Min Young is frustrated with her swollen (?) face!


2012.10.11 Disciples worship! Han Sung Church pictures cook! Full of grace~ Pray a lot~ ^^.” – 2NE1’s Minzy posts a set of four in black and pearls!

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