Secret’s Sunhwa: “Kwang Hee Gifted Me with Couple Cell Phones and Confessed to Me”

Secret‘s Han Sun Hwa revealed that ZE:A‘s Kwang Hee confessed his love to her.

On November 7, Yoon Se Ah, Oh Yeon Seo and Han Sun Hwa guest starred on “Radio Star” for a “We Got Married Season 4 Newlywed Wives” special.

During the episode, Sun Hwa revealed, “I think Kwang Hee oppa likes me. He confessed to me when the cameras were off,” and “He texted me, telling me to be careful because of the cold weather and asked me what I wanted for my birthday.”

Then one day, Kwang Hee gifted Sun Hwa with couple cell phones. She said, “It was too much so I didn’t accept it. When I asked, ‘Oppa, why are you doing this?’ he said it was because he liked me. Then he asked if I still think of him as just a friend.”

She continued, “So I told him, ‘I still think of you as a friend.’ Then he said,’ Okay, I won’t rush you,'” which surprised the whole studio.