2NE1’s Park Bom Loves Her Fans

Recently on an online community forum appeared a posted titled “2NE1 Park Bom Reversely Gifts Fans” with a photo. The photo documents Park Bom’s interaction with her fans on her individual fan website, “The Bom.”

It explained, “On November 3, 2102, The Bom had its official meeting at a Chinese restaurant in Hongdae. We were are frantic about how the meeting, which was originally scheduled at the end of the year, ended up happening so much earlier. During this time, Park Bom joined our website and wrote to us.”

The picture shows Park Bom’s comment asking on “The Bom,” “Meeting? When is this happening?” A fan asked her, “Park Bom, are you watching this?” and she responded, “I am watching this. There’s a meeting tomorrow.” Although she showed much interest in this meeting she could not make it to join her fans in person. However, she sent her managers with fruit tarts and key holders for every participant in this meeting. Moreover, she asked her managers to pay for her fans’ meals at this meeting.

Netizens commented on Park Bom’s way of showing love to her fans, “Ms. Park Bom, please join us next time,” “It was a happy day to be her fan,” “She is so kind,” “I can tell that she loves her fans so much,” “I am so jealous of all the fans who were at this meeting,” and “I’m so touched just by looking at the pictures.”