Hyun Bin’s Senior Officer from the Marine Denies Dating Rumors with Tang Wei

Actor Hyun Bin‘s direct senior officer in the Marine Corps appeared on a internet broadcasting shows and talked about his military life with the celebrity. Mr.Goo Bon Seok, who is best known as the “God of Studying” appeared in an interview with internet media Gongsin.com

Mr.Goo stated, “When I first saw him (Hyun Bin), I was shocked. My body just froze up on the spot and I could feel adrenaline running through my veins. I thought to myself, ‘Wow…this is someone I saw on TV. He’s someone I would never be able to meet in person. I’m nobody to him. And here I am, being his senior officer. This is a big deal.’ Every time I looked at him, I thought my heart was going to stop.” He added, “We lived together in the same barracks and slept next to each other. He even smelled good.” 

Moreover, during this interview webisode, Mr.Goo explained alleged dating rumors about Hyun Bin and Chinese actress Tang Wei for them. He said, “Hyun Bin is not in a relationship anyone. I know this one for sure. He doesn’t talk to people outside of the Marine Corps much. He knew that people will find out about his private life if and when he tries to communicate through mail or something like that. So he refrained himself from overexposing himself. I know for sure that he is not dating Tang Wei.” 

Mr.Goo also talked about other everyday episodes with Hyun Bin during his enlistment on the show. Meanwhile, Hyun Bin is scheduled to be dismissed from the Marine Corps on December 6 after nearly two years of service.