Soo Ae Takes a Photo with Child Actress Park Min Ha

Soo Ae took a picture with her young co-star Park Min Ha. Child actress Park Min Ha, who Mason Moon calls his girlfriend, uploaded the photo with Soo Ae on her personal Twitter account on December 10. Along with the photo she posted, she wrote, “I’m at the ‘Night King’ poster photo shoot. Aunt Soo Ae came. Pretty Aunt Soo Ae. Do we look like mother and daughter?”

Those who have seen the photograph note Soo Ae’s unchanging beauty and the pretty figure she made in her white dress. Netizens commented with “You’re both pretty,” “Soo Ae and Park Min Han look like a real mother and daughter,” “I’m excited to see ‘Night King,’” and some such reactions.

Soo Ae and Park Min Ha are both going to be seen on “Night King,” an SBS drama set to premiere in January. The drama also stars Kwon Sang Woo and DBSK’s Yunho.