Lee Jong Suk Performs Dangerous Stunts for “School 2013”

Actor Lee Jong Suk did some pretty dangerous stunt moves on wires for his KBS drama “School 2013.”

On the second episode of “School 2013” Lee Jong Suk’s indifferent and mysterious character’s heart-wrenching friendship with special student Han Young Woo (played by Kim Chan Hwan) was introduced. On the upcoming third episode, Lee Jong Suk’s actions will surprise the audience once more.

In the third episode, Lee Jong Suk, who is neither in the Study-Line nor the Fist-Line but an ordinary student, will reveal his behind-story and will increase tension in the drama.

For that episode, Lee Jong Suk jumped from the roof of his four story building as a stunt for the show. Despite the nippy cold weather, Lee Jong Suk did the wire stunt nimbly to the applause of the staff members. Although it was a dangerous stunt, Lee Jong Suk’s athleticism allowed the filming to be finished quickly and safely.

A representative of the drama said, “We will reveal a little about why the hopeless and dreamless student that Lee Jong Suk plays has a difficult school life through the interesting back story.