The Most Listened to Song of 2012 Is…?

No surprise here, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” was the most listened to song of 2012 according to

Here are the winners of the Mnet’s five categories:
Most Downloaded and Streamed Song: PSY’s “Gangnam Style”
Overall Artist Ranking: Busker Busker
Longest running Entry on Mnet Top 100: Yang Yo Seob and Jung Eun Ji’s “Love Day
Mnet Top 10 Most Frequent Album: Naul and Busker Busker
Best Super Star K Song: Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young’s “Turn to Dust

After “Gangnam Style”, Sistar’s “Alone” and “Loving U” took the second and third place for the most downloaded and streamed song of 2012. OST songs did well this year. “All For You” of “Answer Me 1997” ranked fifth, “My Love” and “Heartache” of “Gentleman’s Dignity” ranked ninth and tenth.

New group Busker Busker received a lot of love for their songs such as “Cherry Ending”, “If You Really Love Me”, and “Yeosu Night Sea”, making them the most popular artist. From second to ninth place were Big Bang, PSY, T-ara, Huh Gak, IU, Davichi, Sistar, and Baek Ji Young.

Yang Yo Seob and Jung Eun Ji’s collaboration “Love Day” spent 215 days on the top 100 chart, making it the longest chart entry.

Sistar’s “Alone” and Huh Gak’s “The Person Who Once Loved Me” tied for second place with spending 200 days on the chart. Ailee’s “Heaven” came in fourth with 194 days.

The artists with the albums that stayed in the top 10 chart the most was Naul and Busker Busker. Naul’s first solo album was on the chart ten times, with “Memory of the Wind” being on the chart nine times. Busker Busker’s hits from their first album also came on the chart nine times.

Big Bang came in third with seven times and member G-Dragon came in fourth place with his songs being on the chart six times.

A representative of Mnet said, “For 2012 there was a turn away in the idol trend with PSY and Busker Busker leading the variety of artists who received much love this year.”

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