After School’s Lizzy Tweets Sexy Smokey Eye Selca

After School‘s Lizzy flaunted her sexy facial makeup.

On December 30, the singer shared a selca on Twitter as she seemed to be satisfied with her stage look. She tweeted: “Of course it is done by Jennyhouse ♥♥♥” 

In the revealed photo, Lizzy shows off her strong and sexy “smokey” makeup done at Jennyhouse. (A famous beauty salon in South Korea) She stares at the camera while waiting to shoot a music festival show.
Netizens were impressed to see Lizzy wearing such seductive makeup and left comments like, “She is a grown woman now,” “She looks mature in the picture,” and “She is good at doing many different looks of herself.”

Meanwhile, on December 31, After School made an appearance on at the “2012 MBC Music Festival.” Lizzy was also a member of Mystic White for the SBS Music Festival.