Here Are the Characters from the Upcoming Film

“The Berlin File” released 4×4 character still cuts followed by character descriptions.

CJ Entertainment stated, “We revealed characters and still cuts of actors Ha Jung Woo, Han Seok Gyu, Ryu Seung Bum, and Jeon Ji Hyun.”  The film takes place in the city of Berlin where one cannot return alive.  Each top-secret agent becomes the target of his/her own survival in order to accomplish the mission, setting this up as a huge action project movie. 

The very first photo to be revealed was the character of Ha Jung Woo. Concealing himself to live, secret agent Ha Jung Woo plays the role of a border-less  untraceable person even by a fingerprinting test, solely known as, “Ghost.”  Swept in a whirlpool of international conspiracy and betrayal, the protagonist, Pyo Jong Seong, exerts a strong charisma. 

Having no choice but to question his personal contacts, while avoiding to reveal his emotions, Ha Jung Woo’s sharp acting skills makes him a compelling character.  In order to fully prepare for his role as secret agent Pyo Jong Seong, actor Ha Jung Woo began his action training before filming had even started.

After 14 years since “Shiri,” actor Han Suk Kyu takes on the role of an NIS agent.  As Jeong Jin Soo, the agent finds himself in Berlin trying to investigate a recent case of illegal arms trade. In accordance with an arising strife between the surrounding agents a “cat and mouse” chase begins. 

Trying to discover the connection between the agents’ true identities, many will be expecting Han Seok Gyu’s distinctive charismatic approach.  It has been stated by the staff that the actor gave his all while filming the action sequences.

Next on the list is method actor, Ryu Seung Bum playing the cold-blooded Dong Myung Soo who is dispatched to Berlin in order to maintain the power structure his father has. Dong Myung Soo is the son of Dong Jong Ho, a man with supreme power.  Without any expression at all, ‘poker-face’ goes to Berlin to keep his power in the new regime and take over Berlin. 

In order to get rid of Pyo Jong Seong (Ha Jung Woo) who is currently active in Berlin, Dong Myung Soo, puts his wife on the spot as a traitor opposing a threat.  

The only female actress out of the four members, Jeon Ji Hyun enacts as Yeon Jeong Hee, a beautiful interpreter, who is lured into intrigue, betrayal, and an unexpected destiny.  She holds the secret key in the midst of all this commotion.  She is also the wife of secret agent Pyo Jong Seong (Ha Jung Woo) and works at the Berlin Embassy as an interpreter. 

When her husband is marked as a rebel by Dong Myung Soo (Ryu Seung Bum), she eventually loses trust in him and everyone else, without realizing she holds the key to the case. Appearing last year in the movie The Thieves,” Jeon Ji Hyun once again plans to show tightrope action.  

This highly anticipated film will hit theaters on January 31, 2013.

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