Mnet M! Countdown – January 24, 2012

Tonight’s M! Countdown featured Special MC’s Sungyeol and Sungjong from INFINITE! They were there to support their band mates INFINITE H who revealed their new song “Victorious Way” in a special stage.

Comebacks tonight was the beautiful ladies of Nine Muses with their catchy retro hit “Dolls”, the spunky Tiny G and the boys of MR.MR.

Winner tonight was SNSD, earning the triple crown with their song “I got a boy”.

Next week prepare for Dalmatian‘s comeback and a special stage by Super Junior M.


SNSD “I got a boy”

Baechigi ft. Ailee “Shower of tears”

2Yoon “24/7”

INFINITE H “Victorious way” and “Special Girl”

Dickpunks “Early morning discount”

Nine Muses “Look at me” and “Dolls”

Moon Hee Jun “I’m not ok”

SPEED “It’s over”

VIXX “On and On”

Boyfriend “I-Yah”

Tiny-G “Minimanimo”

Jea “While You’re sleeping”