Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Ideal Type is Hyun Bin

On the April 22 broadcast of Mnet’s “Beatles Code 2,” idol group Girl’s Day made a guest appearance along with veteran singer Byun Jin Sub. The members of Girl’s Day discussed various topics with the hosts of the show, including the group’s “no dating” policy that was revealed by Minah at MBC’s “Idol Star Track and Archery Competition.”

The hosts asked each member what their ideal type was and Hyeri, who recently made headlines after her relationship with Tony An was revealed, said her ideal type was “someone who listens well to me.” When asked to pick an ideal type among celebrities, Hyeri picked actor Hyun Bin, who won over many female hearts through the 2010 hit drama, “Secret Garden.” 

It was revealed by Mnet that this episode was filmed before news of Hyeri and Tony An’s relationship broke.