2NE1’s Minzy Does Charity Work with Sean

On April 30, Sean uploaded a photo of 2NE1‘s Minzy taking care of babies. He left the message, “Minzy, who became a gift today to Holt’s tiny angels. [The baby] led Minzy everywhere by the hand because he has seen her several times ^^. Date time for the two ^^. I hope all children grow up receiving love from their families.”

The photo shows Minzy at Holt, which is an international adoption agency based in South Korea. It seems Minzy accompanied Sean, who is famous for his charitable works, to Holt and helped take care of the babies at the agency. In the photo, Minzy looks like any other volunteer, wearing casual clothes and glasses. 

Minzy replied to Sean on Twitter, saying, “The babies were so cute ^^. I want to go again to see the baby angels.” Sean wrote back, “You were totally popular with the babies today.”

Netizens who followed this exchange commented, “Minzy looks even prettier today volunteering,” “Sean and Minzy are both awesome,” and “Everyone in the YG family are all charitable angels.”