Hyun Bin Worries More About His Acting than Popularity

In an interview for KBS’ “Entertainment Relay” broadcast May 4, Hyun Bin openly discussed how he feels about his high popularity. 

The actor is still one of the hottest actors in the business even after a two-year hiatus due to mandatory military enlistment. After enlisting in the Marines right off his 2010 hit, ‘Secret Garden,” he was discharged in December 2012. Fans anxiously waited for his return to the screen but Hyun Bin decided to proceed onto a Asia fan meeting tour while he carefully considered his options. He recently finished his tour, meeting 20,00o fans from five countries. He also confirmed his screen comeback with the movie “King’s Wrath,” playing the role of King Jeongjo in his first historical project. 

In the interview with “Entertainment Relay,” Hyun Bin said, “I think that popularity will definitely disappear. I am more worried about acting and the possibility that I might disappoint the fans who believe in me.” He added, “I don’t worry too much about popularity.”

Right after the broadcast of this show, Hyun Bin’s thoughtful remarks became a popular internet search topic. Netizens commented, “He came back from the military more awesome,” “He seems to be a really thoughtful star,” and “He has ascended to the list of thoughtful actors.”

Hyun Bin will start filming “King’s Wrath” in August.