YG Announces Final Two Possible Artists for Next Project

YG Entertainment has updated its teaser poster for the next artist to release an album and this time only 2NE1 and CL are highlighted.

YG Entertainment has been teasing fans for the past month through a slow process of elimination on its “Who’s Next?” poster. Previously, only Taeyang2NE1, CL, Kang Seung Yoon, and “YG New Artist” were highlighted among all of the names of YG artists.

It is now down to two. 2NE1 has been due for a comeback and it would also be great to see a solo album from charismatic CL. Whoever comes out- 2NE1 or CL- it’s going to be an awesome treat for fans. Start the countdown to May 28!

Who do you think it will ultimately be? 2NE1 or CL?