Undisclosed Stills from Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung’s Kiss Scene Released

On May 8, viewers were treated to a kiss scene between Song Seung Hun and Shin Se Kyung in the MBC drama “When a Man Loves,” which received a lot of attention. After the broadcast, MBC released previously undisclosed still cuts from the romantic yet sad kiss scene.

On episode eleven broadcast on May 8, Shin Se Kyung’s character, Mi Do, received a proposal from Song Seung Hun’s character, Tae Sang. He was sending Mi Do off overseas so she can pursue her dream but not before he made sure she was his.

It is reported that after the kiss scene, Song Seung Hun created an easy atmosphere for his female partner Shin Se Kyung, who was a little embarrassed. 

“When a Man Loves” airs Wednesday and Thursdays on MBC.