Can You Find “Giraffe” Lee Kwang Soo in Haha and Byul’s Couple Photos?

On May 20, Haha uploaded two photos on his Twitter along with the short message, “Giraffe.”

In the pictures, Haha and his wife and singer Byul are posing together wearing matching black leather jackets. Byul has a beautiful smile on her face, while Haha looks comically serious.

What caught the fans’ eyes the most, however, is actor and “Running Man” member Lee Kwang Soo. In the first picture, a reflection of Lee Kwang Soo can be seen on a store window. In the second photo, Lee Kwang Soo’s eyes and hat can be seen.

 Netizens that saw these pictures commented, “I totally laughed at Lee Kwang Soo’s appearance,” “Kwang Soo really looks like a giraffe,” and “I think the main character of these two photos is Lee Kwang Soo.”