[Recap] I’ll Do Anything For You – We Got Married 06.01.13

On this episode of We Got Married Son Na Eun gives Taemin gifts for his Coming-of-Age Day, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In have a not-so-relaxing time at a temple stay, and Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee turn up the heat during their honeymoon.

I’ll do anything for you – this is your weekly Soompi WGM recap. 


As we saw last week, these kids are no good in the kitchen. They can’t peel a pear so they decided to just eat it whole. Lucky for them there are a lot of nutrients in the skin, but that didn’t keep them from looking a little forlorn. They didn’t have better luck with the deep frying machine either. Deep fried bananas? Deep friend instant udon? Yikes. It’s a good thing they stuffed theirs.


Their food looked and tasted terrible but as Na Eun sweetly put it, it was a success because they had a good time. Taemin and Na Eun get along so well, and everything is more natural now. It was so natural the way he leaned close to whisper in her ear or the way they interlocked their fingers together for the destiny game. Wait a minute, it was too natural. When did Taeman take over? Not that I’m complaining. 


To celebrate Taemin’s Coming-of-Age Day, Na Eun prepared some thoughtful gifts. She even went shopping with her mother to pick them out. She put a lot of thought into them too. It’s nice to see Na Eun making decisions and initiating their development. I’m not quite sure what she was expecting when she kept asking if Taemin had ever received this or that before. He’s an idol; they get an insane amount of gifts for their birthdays and all the other days. I’m sure she received some pretty things from her uncle fans too. 


Na Eun asked that no one play hard to get (“push and pull” as Korean call it) but here she is acting coy and asking Taemin if he knows what the three gifts that come with Coming-of-Age Day are. Roses, check. Cologne, check. What was the third? Was there a third? Suddenly Taeman has left the building and he leaves a blushing Taemin who is unable to say the word…k….ki…kis…kiss. A kiss. Well, that escalated quickly. So soon? Danny Ahn can’t believe it, but we’ll have to wait until the next episode to see if there is actually something for Taemin. What do you think? Do think she will actually give him a kiss?


Because Jung In has had some stress-related health issues, the couple decided to go on a Temple Stay for some relaxation. It would be boring with just the two of them so they invited their friends, other music people including a first generation idol girl group member (Does anyone remember T.T.MA?) Apparently they were promised that Kang Yae Bin and SHINee will also be there but of course that’s not true. They do ask a good question: When will the three couples get together? 


At the temple everyone changes into the customary outfits and meets their monk. To start off this relaxing trip they must… bow one hundred and eighty times. That sounds, so, relaxing. This definitely would have been more fun with Kang Yae Bin and SHINee. At least they worked up an appetite.


If you’re familiar with variety programs, trips to Buddhist temples always include the special meal where they must eat every speck of food given to them. If not, they all have to drink the water that cleans the bowl. No one wants to do that so they scrape their bowls clean. 


After a full meal the men are called out to the cut the firewood. Looking at this trio, they aren’t exactly manly men but we can’t expect Jung In to chop some wood, can we? Surprisingly, they’re not bad, except Jo Jung Chi. He has the cutest wood chopping skills. Don’t worry Jo Jung Chi, you may not be able to chop firewood but you’re a great musician. We can’t be good at everything.


Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee continue their honeymoon in Japan. Of course Jinwoon gets visibly excited when the food comes around. A little to excited? The two talk about how far they came as a couple, and Go Jun Hee has met Jiwoon’s group, friends, and family. So when will Jinwoon meet Go Jun Hee’s important people? When are we going to see some movie stars on this show? 


Things get a little hot and steamy, literally. As they left off in the previous episode, Jinwoon is waiting by a hot spring when Go Jun Hee comes in wearing a bikini! A bikini under a tank top, which is very scandalous by K-Pop standards. Go Jun Hee must be tired or still sick because she get’s a little spacey. Jinwoon doesn’t really notice because he’s too distracted by all the sights, ahem.


Let’s make an intimate moment even more intimate with a sensual massage at the hot spring. Oh boy, so much touching. If my theory that this couple gets paid per touch is correct, then this trip has paid for itself. They really do look like they are on their honeymoon. Shall we move on to the bedroom?


Their hotel room has lights leading to the bedroom and then there are rose petals on the bed. Forgive me for my thought process, but do they really not know what that means or are they just messing with us now? The two keep it PG with cute couple t-shirts and music written by Jinwoon. Go Jun Hee offers Jinwoon a facial, which he delightfully accepts as he rests his head on her lap. The night ends with the couple being playfully affectionate, like it always does with these two.

That’s all for this recap! Come back next week when Na Eun gets the pleasure or burden of meeting the SHINee family. 

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