Girl Group Secret Reveals Income Rankings Within the Group

On June 3, Mnet’s variety talk program “Beatles Code 2” aired an episode featuring B1A4 and Secret’s Han Sun Hwa and Jung Hana. After revealing that B1A4’s Jin Young currently has thirteen of his compositions registered, the emcees guessed he earns the most within the group and asked how much he has made. When he didn’t give an answer, the emcees asked Secret the same question.

“We’re all about the same,” Han Sun Hwa said. Super Junior’s Shindong reasoned, “But Jeon Hyo Sung endorses a lingerie brand so she must be first.” Han Sun Hwa answered, “Yea, that’s right. To be honest, she is first.”

The emcees asked, “Are you girls sad that she’s the only one endorsing lingerie?” Jung Hana responded, “But it will look weird if all four of us endorse it. Since it fits her the best, it’s better that she endorses it.”

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