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How would you rank the girl groups of K-Pop? A picture titled “Just For Fun – 2013 Girl Group Rankings” has been making its rounds in the online communities lately. The picture ranks K-Pop’s girl groups from twenty-two to number one.  This isn’t the first time someone has ranked the girl groups, and it won’t be the last. Keep in mind the title; the ranking is just for fun. Netizens haven’t held back their comments on whether they agree or disagree with these rankings.The source itself has already received more thumbs downs than ups. 

Click through the gallery to see how the girl groups rank here and share your thoughts on how you think it should be ranked. Happy ranking! 


22. Considering how many girl groups there, it’s an honor to make it to the top twenty-two! Coming from Loen Entertainment, FIESTAR became one of the notable girl group debuts in 2012. They debued with “Vista” in August, followed by their comeback “We Don’t Stop” in November.


21. RaNia, having promoted their last two songs as a five member group, have gained some popularity in the K-Pop world as a super sexy group. They are already planning to release a US album sometime this year. 


20. FNC Music, the company behind FT Island and CN Blue, revealed their first girl group band AOA in 2012. They have an interesting group setup with a dance unit and a band unit.  


19. Pledis Entertainment‘s 2012 girl group Hello Venus has been gaining popularity for their cute looks and sweet songs.


18. SPICA, debuting in early 2012, was easily of the stronger debuts that year.


17. This cute girl group, Dal Shabet, will be making their comeback on June 20. Four out of the six songs on their upcoming mini album have been written by the girls themselves! 


16. Nine Muses came back as a full nine member group this year with “Dolls.” Their more recent comeback “Wild” has been their highest charting song yet.

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15. After a long hiatus, Rainbow changed to a cute concept and came back this year with their catchy song “Tell Me Tell Me.” They recently made a comeback this week with “Sunshine,” another cute song.    


14. A Pink was easily the strongest girl group to come out from 2011. Coming from Cube Entertainment, their cute and innocent image charmed everyone. They look to make a comeback soon.


13. After School always comes back with a new and sexy track. With things such as drumming and tapdancing, they usually bring something unique. The group is also notable for their “graduation system” which cycles members in and out to keep things fresh. 


12.While T-ara‘s songs are always highly popular and catchy, they have seemingly dropped down in rank due to all the scandals last year.


11. Girl’s Day was originally popular for their sweet and innocent look but made a drastic change to sexy with their latest song “Expectation.”


10. Secret has proven to be the girl group that can seamlessly switch from cute to sexy from one song to another. They decided to go back to cute for their latest song “Yoohoo.”


9. Brown Eyed Girls may be a bit older than their competition but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the most talented and sexiest girl groups around. 


8. 4Minute recently made a comeback with “What’s Your Name,” though they have become popular enough that no one will be ever asking them that question now. 


7. Wonder Girls used to be on top but dropped in popularity from being inactive. With Sunye married and expecting a child and the other members pursuing solo activities, the future of this group doesn’t look too promising (but fans are still holding on to hope!). 


6. Miss A has risen past their label mate Wonder Girls in popularity due to their catchy songs and the power of Suzy


5. f(x) always puts out catchy songs and recently did a collaboration video with actress Anna Kendrick for the humor website “Funny or Die.” 


4. No doubt Kara is one of the more popular girl groups in Korea, but they have also become a force to reckon with in Japan. 


3. SISTAR has to be the fastest rising girl group in K-Pop today. Their songs are extremely popular in Korea. SISTAR will be making their comeback, “Give It to Me” very soon


2. No one can doubt 2NE1‘s popularity. Rapper CL has recently made her solo debut and the group is also gearing up for a highly anticipated comeback. 


1. No surprise here, the number one girl group for this ranking is Girls’ Generation. This group is everywhere in Korea, with all nine members usually busy promoting their songs, variety show appearances, dramas, and advertisements. 


What did you think of the rankings? Do you agree or disagree? Share your throughts in the comments below! 

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