[Recap] I Wish Us Nothing But the Best – We Got Married 060813

On this episode of We Got Married Jo Jung Chi and Jung In bring out the dirty laundry on their temple stay, Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee turn into anime characters, and Taemin gets owned by Son Na Eun

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I Wish Us Nothing But the Best – this is your weekly Soompi WGM recap. 


Jo Jung Chi and Jung In continue their temple stay with their friends, and the men are assigned to doing the laundry. As a grown man Jo Jung Chi can admit that his mother had always done his laundry for him. That will change when he’s married, he is advised by his already married friend. The good thing is that he can pound away at the laundry if he’s ever angry, but Jo Jung Chi never gets angry, right? Right?


The ladies on the other hand are gardening. They’re busy talking about the future too. Jung In is surprisingly cool about having kids right away. Aw, can you imagine little Jung Chi and Jung In waddling around the house with their miniature guitars? 


Now that their chores are done, the group heads back inside to make paper lotus flowers to write their wishes on. These groups of friends are getting comfortable with each other, so comfortable they can’t stop teasing each other while they make their flowers. What’s the point of having friends if you can’t freely make fun of each other?


With their beautiful paper flowers completed the gang heads down to the pond to use them to float candles on the water. Jo Jung Chi and Jung In both wish for each other’s health and wellbeing, reminding their friends how great they are for each other. Let’s hope their wishes, and many more, come true for his genuine couple. 


Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee continue their honeymoon in Japan, and as they walk around the scenic town they are reminded that Jinwoon is a celebrity. Jinwoon seemed rather surprised that he’s so recognizable too. It must have been nice to freely walk around while people admire him from a distance. As an idol, he won’t be able to get that kind of freedom in Korea for awhile. 


What date would be complete without a caricature of the two of them? Instead of getting drawn with buckteeth and exaggerated features, the two find an anime artist to make their eyes big and sparkly. The artist even manages to get Go Joon Hee’s signature finger-to-mouth look right. Maybe now they can get their own romantic anime called “Touchy Touchy Kokoro©.” 

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What would a Jinwoon date be without delicious food? To continue their perfect date they arrive at a small mom and pop sushi restaurant. Turns out the owners are fans of 2AM too. Enjoy those sushi pieces, Jinwoon, for you have done well in furthering the Hallyu wave.


A couple of episodes back Jinwoon hinted that he wanted to do something special for her. Which was sweet, except he forget how spacey Go Joon Hee can be. Jinwoon, the commentators, and the viewers all got frustrated when she couldn’t see the hearts that were literally in front of her eyes. Unfortunately, we still have to wait to see what sort of surprise Jinwoon had prepared.


We all knew it wasn’t really going to happen, but we all hoped for it anyway. Son Na Eun had slyly hinted at a third gift that was sounding more and more like a kiss, and she got Taemin all excited. The poor kid, he couldn’t even say it out loud; he had to write it down on a piece of paper. Turns out she prepared an event for the two to go bungee jumping together. Taemin had said that he loved extreme sports. He would rather bungee jump than get a kiss right? Looks like little Na Eun has some things to learn about boys. 


Na Eun is good for Taemin because she challenges his masculinity. As they head up to jump, Taemin cannot hide how scared he is and how he regrets ever saying the word “extreme.” He should have just said he likes skinship, or knitting, or anything else. But it’s hard to turn back when his younger wife is getting visibly excited about bungee jumping. So he sucks it up, and even tries to make the moment romantic by shouting “I will take care of you!” as they jump. It doesn’t go quite the way he planned, poor kid, but at least they get to hold hands and make it a memorable experience. 


Now they can do what Taemin really wanted to do and write letters to each other as they sit inside the safety of a building. The letters will be delivered a year from now, so they write letters to the future versions of their husband or wife. There’s no guarantee that they will be virtually married then, it’s more unlikely than certain, but the idea is sweet. Na Eun, as she has been doing for everything on this show, takes it pretty seriously and writes from her heart. Too bad everyone has to wait an entire year to find out what it says. If anything, maybe by 2014 there will be a follow up show called “We Got Divorced.” 


After sending their letters they receive a letter, announcing that Taemin’s fellow SHINee members will be joining them at the WGM house. Na Eun knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but that doesn’t mean she’s too excited. Poor girl, she’s probably nervous. Taemin doesn’t look too thrilled either; he was probably enjoying the solo spotlight. Back at the house they don’t have much time to get ready and they find themselves back in the kitchen. Uh oh, is this round two of kitchen fail? Hold on, something is different. Na Eun looks like she knows what she’s doing! Did she practice at home? Was she faking it all along? Taemin, on the other hand, is even worse. Where is Taeman when you need him? 

That’s all for this week! Come back next week when SHINee, for real this time, visits the TaeEun house!