Hyun Bin Can’t Take His Eyes Off Playful Puppy

Who doesn’t like seeing an adorable puppy and a handsome man play around together?

Several photos from the set of CJ Jaeil Jaedang Freshian commercial shoot showing actor Hyun Bin taking a break while playing with a puppy were released today, grabbing the attention of fans.

According to sources from the set, the playful puppy ran around the set, refusing to listen to any other person except Hyun Bin. It was the target of jealousy from the female staff members, as it got to be in Hyun Bin’s arms.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Hyun Bin and the puppy are cute,” “I want to be the puppy,” and “I am jealous of the puppy playing with Hyun Bin.”

Hyun Bin puppy 1