BTS Blasts Onto Music Scene with “No More Dream” Debut MV

Hip-hop idol group BTS (Bang Tan So Nyeon Dan) has made its debut with the release of its “No More Dream” music video.

Created by Big Hit Entertainment, which is home to other artists like 2AM and Lim Jeong Hee, BTS is a talented male group consisting of seven members who have rap, vocal, and dance skills, as well composing, writing, and producing music.

BTS’ debut single is named “2 Cool 4 Skool” with the title song “No More Dream” and it includes seven tracks in total. You can view the tracklist at Big Hit Entertainment’s official Facebook.

“No More Dream” is reminiscent of 1990s gangster rap songs, remade with a contemporary style. It contains a message about the dreams of youth and has a strong hip-hop beat.

Check out the “No More Dream” music video below, which showcases a powerful choreography.

BTS will be holding a debut showcase today, June 12, at the Ilji Art Hall in Cheongdamdong. Can’t wait to see what new energy this group will bring to the music scene!