[Recap] Time to Meet the In-Laws – We Got Married 061513

On this episode of “We Got Married,” Jo Jung Chi and Jung In make beautiful music together, Jinwoon proposes to Go Joon Hee, and Taemin introduces Son Na Eun to Minho and Key.

Time to meet the in-laws – This is your weekly Soompi WGM recap.

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: I Wish Us Nothing But the Best)


Last week Jinwoon led Go Joon Hee on the simplest of scavenger hunts to find the ring that he had prepared for her. She managed to find it, with a little help, which led to Jinwoon nervously asking for her hand in marriage. He didn’t have to tell us he was shaking from nervousness; we could see it. Go Joon Hee looked surprised yet pleased by it all, but who wouldn’t mind receiving a proposal from such a charming idol? Jinwoon decides that there’s no need for an engagement period and that they should have their wedding ceremony right there and now. 


Dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today to watch the matrimony between Jung Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee. The ceremony will be officiated by Jung Jinwoon, the vows read by Jung Jinwoon, and the wedding song sung by Jung Jinwoon. Let us all watch as he runs the wedding ceremony by himself while Go Joon Hee barely follows along in bewilderment. He would have taken the wedding photo himself if it didn’t mean it would be a selca. 


Now that they are officially a married couple, the two continue their honeymoon. They take a lovely night stroll in a theme park and enjoy a 3D holographic light show. Afterward they hear music and see that there is a carnival party! Jinwoon gets into the groove and once again show that he would have fit right in with 2PM with his quick feet. Go Joon Hee carefully explains that if she had any rhythm she would have been an idol, and she is an actress for a reason. It is always cute to see her try to keep up with her younger energetic husband.


For the last night of their honeymoon the newly wed couple have a romantic champagne dinner in front of a scenic view. It was a fitting ending to a romantic and eventful honeymoon.


Jo Jung Chi, Jung In, and their musically oriented friends spend their last night in the temple by gathering around a campfire and eating hot potatoes. They agree that while bowing one hundred and eighty times was difficult, the trip had been surprisingly relaxing. One of Jung In’s friends points out that Jo Jung Chi is always there for Jung In whenever she needs help. He may not be able to chop firewood or do laundry but he’s a man where it counts.


The group decides to play a gam where they write anonymous notes to each other and then read them aloud. When Jo Jung Chi and Harim receive love confessions the group quickly point fingers. It’s not so anonymous when there are only six of them and they all have different colored pens. At least Jo Jung Chi and Jung In had a chance to write a thoughtful note to each other.


When a group of musicians come together the guitar is bound to get passed around and people start singing. It’s all lovely to hear, and Jo Jung Chi even has a chance to serenade Jung In, which brings tears to their friends’ eyes (or is it from the smoke?). Jung In returns the favor by singing the song that was inspired by Jo Jung Chi, but when she asks him to accompany him it turns out he might have never heard the song before. Yikes. A few awkward attempts later, the two make beautiful music and we are reminded what a sexy voice Jung In has.



The trip comes to end, and the group wakes up early in the morning to complete their final rituals. While they are getting dressed and ready, Jung In is careful to keep her back to the camera. Why the discretion? Apparently she is completely unrecognizable without makeup. She promises that if she ever reveals her bare face for WGM, she would make an event out of it. Great, now we’re all curious. 


I had some of mixed feelings watching the Taemin and Son Na Eun part of this episode (which will be expounded later), but one thing is for sure: I am Team Na Eun. Like a lot of people I wasn’t sure how she would do when it was announced that she would be partnered up with Taemin, but now I know that I am a fan. With every episode I like her more. I might even like her more than I like Taemin (gasp). She is such a smart and good-natured girl. After their fail of a first meal she practiced cooking for two weeks! Not only that, she remembered how Taemin had offhandly mentioned he liked steamed beef. I like her so much I may just have to become a Pink Panda.


Na Eun may have spent time learning how to cook but Taemin is no better. He is completely oblivious to what Na Eun had done and was doing for him. His face is priceless when the producers inform him of how considerate his wife his. Now that he knows, hopefully he will prepare something special for Na Eun because she is going to have a very difficult night playing host to Taemin’s fellow group members. Son Na Eun tries to cook as fast as she can while Taemin sort of helplessly watches from the side. With several impatient knocks on the door, the dreaded in-laws have arrived.


They are here! Minkey, Minho and Key, arrive through the window because Taemin and Na Eun stalled for too long. They bring a gift, but whatever it is will be a small consolation for the torture these two will put the new couple to. Right away they scare poor Na Eun with their abrupt entrance and then forget about her as they check out the house and tease Taemin. They don’t even bother trying to be considerate as Taemin awkwardly tries to introduce them to his new wife. Na Eun on the other hand looks like she wants to be anywhere else.


I hate disclaimers but I feel like I need to make one right now: I am SHINee fan. I am a Minho bias. With that said, I was very disappointed in Minho and Key in this episode. While I can understand teasing Taemin and being honest, they weren’t considerate towards Na Eun at all. She worked so hard on that meal, they could have been a little gentler with their criticisms. You could see Taemin getting upset, not because he was getting teased, but because he knew how hard Na Eun worked. Then Taemin tries to get revenge by tricking his hyungs into eating some “special” kimchi, but that backfires on him because Taemin is a terrible liar. Taemin just can’t win against his hyungs.


After being frightened and then indirectly criticized by Minho and Key, Na Eun then has to suffer through another awkward moment when they remind Taemin that he was not her ideal type. They set it up so that Na Eun could secretly mouth the name of the SHINee member she had listed, and then Key immediately reveals that it was Jonghyun. Did he do it out of jealousy because Jongkey is the OTP of all SHINee OTPs? It would have been a lot more fun to watch Taemin get jealous if he hadn’t been having such a hard night. Now it just looked kind of sad.


Taemin says that Minkey is a terrible combination and tonight is the proof. They are relentless in their teasing, so much that I wished they would give the poor kid a break to breathe. Taemin had never been the most eloquent of speakers but how do they expect him not to be flustered when they are yelling at him? Sure, it must have been weird and funny for their youngest, the ditzy and clumsy Taemin, to be married but did they have to belittle him in front of his wife? I hoped these two watched this episode, felt a little shame, and promised Taemin that next time they would make him look better in front of his new wife. After this, visiting Na Eun’s A Pink members sounds like heaven. 

That’s all for this week! Come back next week when Minho and Key will hopefully be a little nicer to Taemin as the night goes on. 

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