Led Apple Declares Themselves “Bad Boys” in New MV

Rock band Led Apple has released the full music video for their new mini album,“Bad Boys.”

Led Apple showcases a upbeat song and dance with “Bad Boys,” a change from their previous ballad single. “Bad Boys” is composed by Jo Young Soo, who also composed the group’s “Sadness,” “Run to You,” and “Let the Wind Blow.” It is said that Jo Young Soo worked hard on this song to bring out each member’s strong point, after watching and complimenting the group’s powerful live performance in Japan. “Bad Boys” blends a mix of latin and rock elements together.

The music video is set in a club and features TV personality Kang Ye Bin in seductive scenes with member Han Byul

Check out the music video below!

 While Led Apple prefers to be bad boys, solo artist Baek A Yeon likes “A Good Boy” in her new album. Check out her sweet music video here. What do you guys prefer? A good boy or a bad boy?