Sunny Hill Show Their Dorky Side in “Darling of All Hearts” MV

Sunny Hill has released the full music video for “Darling of All Hearts,” the title song off their new album, “Young Folk.” This title song is a cheerful song with a polka rhythm, and in the music video, the members seems to have a lot of fun showing their dorky sides.

The track and music video features musician Hareem, who plays the Greek musical instrument bouzouki in the song. 

The group’s agency, Loen Entertainment, stated, “We’ve completed a song that not only continues Sunny Hill’s fearlessness to try new things but also communicates well with the public.”

The Sunny Hill members also personally worked on the album jacket, handwriting the lyrics and designing. They also acted as photographers, participating in the overall production of the album.

sunny hill album making

Sunny Hill will be performing their comeback stage today, June 20, at Mnet’s “M!Countdown.” Soompi will be posting all performances from the show tonight so stay tuned!