[Recap] Soompi Weekly Roundup – June Week 3

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! 

  • Simon D and Lady Jane reminds us how much we invest into celebrity relationships by breaking our hearts with their split. It’s time like these when Soompi could use a dislike button (because I would dislike that so hard)
  • Won Bin puts everyone to shame with his “ugly” face and also proves that a lot of Soompiers get worked up about article titles without reading the article itself. (I even put quotation marks!)
  • CL sparks a lively discussion on what it means to break the Asian woman stereotype. She also seems to be overly concerned with the grillz she wore for her music video. 
  • Jang Dong Geun and a handful of other celebrities lost their legal battle against a plastic surgeon who used their images for advertising his clinic. You win some, you lose some.
  • With all the high pole dancing moves she does for “First Love,” Nana injures herself by falling off the stage. Luckily the injury wasn’t too severe, but After School will continue promoting without her. First Lizzy, now Nana, watch yourself girls! 
  • When dating rumors spread about Kim Sa Rang and Park Ji Sung, Kim Sa Rang’s people were quick to deny all while Park Ji Sung kept mum. Turns out, he’s actually dating announcer Kim Min Ji
  • Congratulations on comedian Jung Bum Kyun who will be getting married in Korean celebrities’ popular wedding style of choice: shotgun.
  • Joo Won of AA (Double A) has left the group to pursue an acting career but still will be chummy with the group who will add two more members.
  • Check your credit scores! U-KISS has their own credit card! If you’re going to spend all your money on K-Pop, at least make sure you have U-KISS looking back at you in approval as you do it. 
  • Song Joong Ki will not be leaving us for the army, not yet anyway. Phew.

Next…The music video of the week was all right. 


This week’s music video of the week goes to Lim Kim‘s “All Right” for being an addictive song. I had the chorus stuck in my head all day, and I believe that sharing is caring! Plus she looks great! Dal Shabet wants you to look at their pretty legs in “Ambitious.” Lee Hyori makes an attractive yet sleazy guy in “Going Crazy.” 2Eyes is the second self proclaimed hip hop idol group to debut this month with “Don’t Mess With Me.” Baek A Yeon wants to fall in love with “A Good Boy” so Led Apple doesn’t have chance since they’re “Bad Boys.” Sunnyhill does the polka in “Darling of Hearts.”

Also last week we asked you to vote who had the sexiest music video, and the winner is SISTAR with exactly half the votes! 


YG Entertainment took over music news this week with a few surprising announcements. 2NE1 will make us sick of them (if that’s even possible) by releasing a new track every month for the rest of 2013. Not only that, YG’s girl group will debut in October but we’ve been lied to so many times it’s best to remain skeptical. YG has also promised that there are two boy groups that will compete for our votes. Yes! Who doesn’t love a good idol bloodbath? 

Let’s not forget all the other agencies who won’t be just taking a break while YG takes over. Check out the impressive list of official summer comebacks. While you’re doing that you can list to Soompi’s playlist of all the good and bad songs, and don’t forget to check out “Under the Radar” feature on hip hop duo Taibian

Next…There are so many types of kisses in Korean dramas. 

In drama news Lee Kwang Soo is one lucky giraffe for sharing an ice cream kiss with actress Goo Eun Ae for “Dating Agency: Cyrano.” How many different kisses with Korean dramas comes up with? What about the “Computer Screen Kiss?” This is when you kiss an image of your favorite celebrity on your computer monitor. Hey, come on, don’t pretend as if you’ve never done it. This is a judgement free zone. 

Lee Yeon Hee reunited with actor Choi Jin Hyuk for “Gu Family Book” and had their fans demanding their own spin off. Upcoming drama “Goddess of Fire Jung Yi” released a trailer and stills featuring their main actress Moon Geun Young. Jang Geun Suk and 2PM‘s Taecyeon have been cast in their separate dramas while Gong Yoo will join Lee Kwang Soo in the list of celebrity cameos for “Cyrano.”

In variety show news “Running Man” producer says he doesn’t care about ratings, low or high. Yoon Shi Yoon tells Kim Hyun Joong that he prefers UEE over Lee Hyori, and these two will be joined by Eun Ji Won on “Barefoot Friends.” SISTAR and 4Minute battle it out in archery on “Dream Team.” Lim Joon Hyuk regrets criticizing MBLAQ after working with them for a comedy show. H.O.T with Andy and Shinhwa with Tony Ahn? Can you imagine it

Next…Only he could get away with taking a selca with another man’s wife! 

In the social networking world Lee Hyun Woo snaps a shot with Lee Hong Ki‘s “wife”, Fujii Mina, Yoon Hoo grows up before our eyes, Tiffany looks gorgeous as always, and Sandara and Park Bom are sleeping beauties

If you need motivation to get that swimsuit worthy body (or just want to ogle at hot bodies), check out our gallery for hot celebrities in swimsuits. Kim Tae Hee and B1A4 are ready for summer in their separate photo shoots.

That’s all for this recap! See you next week!

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