[Recap] We’re All in This Together – We Got Married 062213

On this episode of “We Got Married,” Taemin and Son Na Eun can’t wait for Minho and Key to leave, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In make couple rings, and Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee joins the other couples to meet all together for the first time. 

We’re all in this together – This is your weekly Soompi WGM recap.

(If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: Time to Meet the In-Laws)

Last week I complained about how Minkey mistreated TaeEun when they visited the house for the first time. According to the comments (and other places where my article ended up) some people agreed, and some people didn’t. Which is totally fine, even welcomed. Please feel free to share whether you agree or disagree with my opinions because they are just that: opinions. As long as we keep it civil and free from personal attacks, everything shall be dandy. 

As I had predicted (more like hoped) Minho and Key do tone down their aggressiveness, a bit, mostly because they look tired. In continuation of Taemin’s Coming-of-Age celebration, his fellow members bring him a cake that probably tasted as good as it looked because Koreans know how to do cakes right. Of course, Key’s quick eye notices how awkwardly Taemin and Na Eun hold the knife together, so the older boys are quick to guide them. Does this couple really need to be led by the hand and positioned just to have the tiniest of skinship? Yes, they do. Come on, Taemin, manner hands? For your wife? 


The night remains awkward with plenty of silences followed by Key’s exasperated sighs. He brings out a quiz book that reveals your personality depending on the answers you pick. A few rounds of that (and finding out that Key is likely to cheat, lightly) Minho and Key have enough of the awkward silences and decide to leave. Then they surprise the couple (and me) by pulling the same trick they did when they first came to the house. When they do leave, for real this time, Taemin and Na Eun just managed to collect themselves and take a break on the couch when there’s another knock on the door. They have a new mission! There really is no break for these kids.The producers are relentless, aren’t they? 


Before we find out what the mission is, Jo Jung Chi and Jung In go to a special shop to make couple rings, even though neither of them like to wear them. Surprisingly, ring making is a lot fun, and the long lasting couple has a good time talking about the future and the other couples. When they are finished, they admire the couple rings they made for each other and think that maybe wearing rings isn’t so bad. That is, until Jung In just remembers that she’s allergic to metal. Oops. 


The second mission for Taemin and Na Eun is to host the other couples! Finally! All three WGM couples are coming together. How…nerve racking? While the two older couples are excited and curious for this first get together, Taemin and Na Eun can’t hide the worry in their faces. They just got done meeting the SHINee in-laws and now they have to mingle with older and more experienced couples? 


For the first time all three couples meet and it is as awkward as you can expect. The older couples decide to prank the new couple by pretending to be harsh on them, but the jokes on Jinwoon because everyone else sort of loses their will when they see how bright, young, and terrified the couple looks. There is also the obligatory, “What do I call you?” arrangement, which just spotlights how young Taemin and Na Eun are, or how old everyone else (except Jinwoon) are. Maybe Taemin wasn’t so inaccurate by calling Jung In “Auntie.” 


Jo Jung Chi and Jung In has prepared a special gift for the new couple, but they’re not just going to give it to them easily. Taemin and Son Na Eun will have to work for it. At first they do the cute dance for A Pink‘s “Bubibu,” with Taemin revealing that he practiced the song to the horror of his fellow members. However, that’s not enough to appease the older couples. They demand a sexy dance; something that they will regret when they see how awkward and unsexy the sexy dance is. Taemin and Son Na Eun, as idols, are capable of doing a sexy dance, just not together. Next time they should just ask for young couple to buy dinner, or anything else instead. Regardless, Taemin and Na Eun earn their gift of a couple hammock, but will they be able to use it? Did they really expect a couple that can’t do a sexy dance together to be able to lie side by side in a hammock? 


All the couples go into Taemin and Na Eun’s house, and now it’s time for the young couple to give out their gifts. For Jinwoon and Go Joon Hee, they receive a beer making kit which makes Jinwoon really happy but Go Joon Hee feeling a little left out. For Jo Jung Chi and Jung In, they receive a scorpion candy and what we know as Bert’s Every Flavor Beans. This could get interesting…


And interesting it does get! With such flavors like earwax or worm, they are not just going to eat the beans. There must be a game, with punishment! They go old school with the Korean version of the name game. The punishment is to eat all the vomit flavored jelly beans at once. Whose idea is this? Taemin. Who loses the game? Taemin. Who here was surprised? 


Taemin is a boy of his word and dutifully eats all the vomit flavored jelly beans. This is when the magic happens. Right before our eyes, Taemin, the boy who doesn’t know how to be affectionate with his wife and made her carry the heavy box, disappears and out rises Taeman from the ashes of his pain and humiliation. Taeman, who has been gone for so long, is back.Will the transformation last? Will Taeman prove that he can be the manly husband for Na Eun? Or will Taemin come back, blushing like a school girl?

That’s all for this week! Come back next week when the couples enjoy a dinner together, but not before splitting Taemin and Son Na Eun up. 


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