A-Prince Gets Ready for a Date in “Mambo” Music Video

Idol group A-Prince makes their comeback with their second mini album with the release of the full music video for “Mambo.”

The group’s second mini album is called “Mambo,” and to prepare their fans for comeback the group released individual member teasers of each member doing the mambo in different location and styles. You can view the teasers at A-Prince’s official Youtube channel here.

The “Mambo” track is composed by Wui Jong su and composed by Kang Tae Gyu. It is described as a dance song that has a lyrical melody and an old-style sound instead of electronic. The lyrics are about the happiness and pride a boyfriend feels to have his girlfriend.

The music video shows the adorable side of A-Prince, with a cute mambo dance intro. Check out the dance below!

A Prince Mambo album jacket