Song Seung Hun Talks About Marriage and a Possible Life Partner

Song Seung Hun sat down for an interview with eNews at a restaurant located in Sinsa-dong, Seoul where they talked about his latest project, “When A Man Loves,” and his character in the drama.

Regarding if he’s ready for marriage, Song Seung Hun shared, “I don’t have the confidence to be one woman’s husband nor one child’s father. I would have to sacrifice a lot, but I don’t think I will be good yet and don’t have the confidence.”

He went on, “When I think about Lee Byung Hyun hyung’s upcoming marriage or Kwon Sang Woo with his wife Son Tae Young, they look happy and I’m envious and wish to get married. However, when I see my married friends, it looks like they have hard times. Even though there are good things, there are also difficult things with marriage. Being a great father and husband doesn’t look easy.”

When asked about his view on love, Song Seung Hun replied, “When I was dating my first love, it felt like something from the movies. We really connected and there was this hot passion going on. I see that as fate. It’s because I was able to experience that, I’m not able to meet people easily if there are no feelings.”

He continued, “It’s been a really long time since I last dated. I think that it was before going to the military service. I want to meet someone who I can connect with passionately and love again.”

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